As I can’t always predict how early a clinically screened prescription would be available, the flexibility Quantum Aseptic Services provides allows us the option to be able to order an item or two late in the day. As a very acute service we appreciate this a great deal.

When we have a cancelled or delayed patient, Quantum Aseptics Services’ communication system, is very effective, and often I am able to catch the order before it is made, and cancel it. We as team (and as a very busy acute service) appreciate that there is an option to cancel these orders, as sometimes we cannot control when a patient’s chemo may get cancelled.

We had a major incident when our whole unit and backup unit was down, they were able to take on a large quantity of work for the following day which relieved our unit of the unforeseen pressure. The efficiency at which the prescriptions were dealt with was excellent. I would definitely recommend the service Quantum Aseptic Services provide to other aseptic service users.